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Painting and the Art of Football

I am sure the commentator had been watching ME.

I had the Australian Football League (AFL) radio commentary on last Saturday as I worked on a painting of three nudes…I was concentrating on the central figure who had her back to me, and was trying to get the highlights on her bottom correct. This is what I heard as I worked.

“ What a mark! He has flown right above the pack to bring that one in,but now he moves back….its a difficult angle,but should be able to convert it from here….sizes it up….its within his range……he has the ability ….. confidence is high…..moves in …….very deliberately….there it goes..…..aaaand….

It’s a behind!

Brian E Deagon
Thursday November 10th, 2011 10:04 am

What do you use?

An artist was explaining that they used enamel paint , a stick, cardboard cartons and sand to do their drawings, and asked ” What do you use?”

I replied, ” My brain”

Whenever they find out I am a teacher they ask” What do you teach?” I always reply ” Mostly people” This always results in consternation.