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New York

Costa Vavagiakis gave me drawing 101.

Have your paper oriented vertically ,remove distractions like perforations. have a sheet of the same type under to cushion. Keep your distance (arms length if you have the strength). Prepare several strips of paper to be used to measure ,use as a straight edge and even a plumb bob but a Skewer or knitting Needle is Best..Then having dropped a vertical from eye To foot of my model,all was revealed, and was wrong

He has painstakingly explained how to sharpen a pencil, then how to hold it.
And it is clear that he. Despite his work being highly worked and reworked, sees there is a problem with highly rendered work, if the rendering is only there because the artist didn’t know when to stop. In that case he would prefer a 5minute gesture drawing
Michaels teaching is very Zen. In 5 weeks of my daily attendance he has not come near me,spoken to me, or looked at my drawing. I think I get the point,and it’s a mystical self affirmation.

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